Overlap.org Max/MSP/Jitter/Live Salon

Overlap.org Max/MSP/Jitter/Live Salon, 7-9 July 22nd. RSVP to info@overlap.org for the address of our July meeting location in Downtown San Francisco.

It’s getting time again for our monthly Salon devoted to sharing code, ideas and projects built with Cycling ‘74s New Media Toolkit Max/MSP, and Ableton’s electronic music performance application, Live. This one promises to be the biggest one yet, and we are incredibly excited to be joined this month by the Bay Area Computer Music Technology Meetup Group.


This month we are pleased to welcome a special guest presentation by Peter Nyboer of Livid Instruments. He will be showing the just released Ohm 64 controller that is not only beautiful hardware, but also innovative and well designed software. Peter has been developing interactive music creation software as long as almost anyone I know, and he invariably teaches me new ways to think about writing UI, networked applications and robust data storage.

We will also have a presentation by Rebecca Fiebrink. She’s been originating a lot of the laptop orchestra stuff at Princeton with Ge Wang and Perry Cook and recently has been working on using music retrieval system technology to generate music with live performers.

In addition to Peter and Rebbca there will be some other surprises in store as the Salon crew always has interesting projects to demonstrate. We will be also be starting to develop group project drawing on all the talents pooled in the Salon, so don’t miss this meeting so that you can get in on the ground stages of idea development. We are also the official Ableton Live users group for the Bay, so expect to see some Live action…maybe even some control from the Ohm 64.

Also, bring the things you are working on. The purpose of this event is not only to network and learn from some of the best Max programmers around, but also to share ideas…because everyone has a new perspective on programming or music creation to teach.

Last but not least: While you have to RSVP for our meeting location, you’ll have to trust me that it is a new exciting location that will be of interest to anyone that is fond of media art or live audio visual performance.

Some refreshments will be provided, but bring your laptop, code, questions, curiosity and thinking caps. We all look forwarding to seeing you.

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