Overlap.org Max/MSP/Jitter/Live Salon

It is time once again for our monthly Salon focusing on Cycling ’74s new media toolkit Max/MSP/Jitter and Ableton Live. Come share your patches, music making techniques, and ideas.

Moffit Library

The next Overlap.org Max/MSP/Jitter/Live Salon is coming, and it’s an East Bay Edition!

When – September 2nd, 02009, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where – 340 Moffitt Library
We’re hosted this month by the Berkeley Center for New Media – More location details on Moffitt Library are available.

Overlap’s Max/MSP/Jitter/Live Salon is a multi-faceted beast: artist performances with custom software, technology demonstrations by makers on the cutting edge, classroom sessions for beginner/intermediate users and hack labs for exploring far down the Max/MSP/Jitter/Live rabbit-hole.

Last month we focused on three outstanding technology and code presentations. This month, we’re digging into patches from Salon organizers Barry Threw and Vlad Spears, both longtime Max/MSP users who develop commercial applications, interactive performance spaces and installation systems.

Max/MSP/Jitter classroom session: The use of [poly~] is often seen as a black art. Barry Threw will school us on [poly~]’s use and creative misuse, with an eye toward its function as both a performance tool for polyphonic multiplication of voices and as a strategy for distributing processor load across CPU cores in heavy-hitter patches.

Max/MSP/Jitter/Live presentation: We’ll be checking out Wyvern, a new midi arpquencing patch for the Monome by Vlad Spears. Using arbitrary strings of digits, such as those transmitted by Numbers Stations, beautifully complex but repeatable sequences can be generated and intuitively performed with in ways just barely under control.

Community discussion: This month we’re guiding a topic for future work – the creation of a networked performance environment. After the presentations, we’ll be generating ideas and discussing how best to build a patch framework in Max/MSP/Jitter and Live for networked, real-time audio and video collaboration. We’re gathering a solid core of ideas and people that will allow future Overlap Salons to incorporate musical sessions as part of the format: an Overlap Orchestra. This is the beginning of a community build effort we plan to grow and distribute. Now is the time to get involved!

Sign up on the Facebook event page or RSVP to info@overlap.org.  We’re comfortable with large crowds, but RSVP counts help us provide enough snacks!