Sept 2nd Overlap Salon Recap

A recap from the Sept 2nd Overlap Salon.

Overlap Salon Sept 2nd

The last Overlap Salon, hosted by the Berkeley Center for New Media, was a resounding success. We had a fantastic turnout during this East Bay edition of the Overlap Salon, and plan to hold more bold cutting-edge innovate synergies of new media social networking 3.0 there in the future.

Both beginning and experienced Max users attended (actually the largest concentration of experienced Maxers I’ve seen in the Bay since Expo ‘74), and our presentations did a good job of catering to all experience levels. Salon co-organizer Vlad Spears presented his new patch Wyvern, which uses the Monome and number patterns to sequence complex melodies. We discussed a lot of different data input and sequencing possibilities, including Numbers Stations.