Bay Area Artist Camille Utterback Named MacArthur Grant Recipient

Bay Area new media Artist Camille Utterback was recently named a 2009 MacArthur Fellow. I first saw Camille’s work Text Rain in the 2001 Boston CyberArts Festival, and since then have admired her ability to use audience interaction with video in a way that strikes a balance between transparency and depth. While audience members are aware they are controlling her works, they aren’t “about the technology”, and generally attempt to make it as hidden as possible.

From the MacArthur artist description:

Camille Utterback is an artist who uses digital technologies to create visually arresting works that redefine how viewers experience and interact with art. Drawing upon traditional media such as painting, photography, and sculpture, she writes computer code that seamlessly blends the interactive elements of each piece with her aesthetic vision.

With each subsequent project, Utterback is creating works that encourage audiences to take part in new and exciting artistic collaborations and enriching the experience of living in a technological age.

It just so happens that Camille is also one of the artists at the Open exhibition for the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts on October 1st, along with C.E.B Reas and Stamen Design. We have been doing a lot of work in the last couple of weeks preparing her piece for display in our front gallery window space.

Camille Install

From the GAFFTA Blog:

Camille Utterback’s interactive video piece “Liquid Time” will be showcased at GAFFTA on October 1st. It will be the first featured work in the Tendorama Window Gallery Project, a series of rotating bi-monthly installations in the gallery’s prominent 15’ x 8’ front display windows facing Taylor Street. Utterback’s exploration is a series of pieces filmed in the surrounding neighborhood and projected back in the gallery window where the imagery of time, as well as space, is disrupted by the motions of passer-bys. This vibrant, site-specific window installation will feature video filmed in locations throughout the Tenderloin and will be viewable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by residents and visitors of the Tenderloin.