Dia de los Maxos Recap

It was a night just like most others, except that this night was ALSO THE DIA DE LOS MAXOS.

Dia De Los Maxos Full Group

This edition of the pseudo-monthly Overlap Salon brought three powerhouses of electronic sound once again to the Gray Area Foundation for a night of vicious edutainment.

First up was Jeff Stott and Mohammed Mohanna presenting their Subtle Body Project. Various guinea-pigs from our packed house donned the Subtle Body cap ‘o possibility to control video clip selection, hue, and composting in real time depending on their mood.

Subtle Body

Jeff and Mohammed showed us their patch, which is the best evidence I have found yet of how much Cycling ’74 cursed us with zoom capabilities in Max 5. The road to hell is paved with un-abstracted code, but at the bottom of this box of programming nightmares exists the hope of creativity catalyzed by postmodern visual metaphor. Viva la patchcords.

Subtle Body Patch

Next up was Monome mainstay Edison, who brought the proceedings back to Realidad with triggered samples from his yellow lunchbox-monome. Little did his ex-girlfriend know when she gave him that lunch box years ago that a vibrant torrent of creativity would be unleashed from the relic of their union. Truly our lives are sensitive to initial conditions.


The beat went on for the last set of the night, although the performance of the evening by Bay Area temporal mangler Preshish Moments was best represented by a broken mirror reflecting shards of musical culture into an asymmetrical light show on our soft fleshy consciousnesses. Cliche, hackneyed metaphors aside, Mr. Moments astounded as usual with a description of his integrated hardware/software system for real-time performance. He is one of the few electronic musicians that, were he to die on stage, the music would stop within 10 seconds; we should admire him for it.

We were also impressed with his new electronic technicolor dreamcoat, which triggers bands of LEDs based on musical mappings. It is indeed the 21st century.

Preshish Moments

Stay tuned to Overlap.org for information on the next episode of our Salon series next month. We have a LOT in store… its an exciting time to be a Max programmer.