Overlap Salon: Merry Maxmas!

Dec. 15th is the next edition of the Overlap Salon at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, and we have some very exciting things in store. Salon co-organizer Vlad Spears will be showing off the just released Max for Live. Adam Murray will show of the a new object integrating the Processing language with Max/MSP. To finish off the evening we will be graced with Elise Baldwin showing some of the performance patches she uses at shows such as the Holding Patterns and Collective Memories show tomorrow night.

Merry Maxmas! We’re patching up some seasonal cheer and tidings of extra hot laptops at the Overlap Salon finale for 02009. Come ring the synthesized bells with us at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.

When – Tuesday, 15 December, 02009, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
WhereGray Area Foundation for the Arts @ 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

It is the season for giving, especially of toys! And the elves at Cycling and Ableton have some magical new toys just leaving the workbench. We have three sessions on Max that will instantly turn your sleigh-bells into self-composing, self-aware, music-making devices.

Vlad Spears
3 Things You Can Do With Max For Live
Musician, Max/MSP gangsta and Overlap Salon co-organizer Vlad Spears will present on working with Max For Live, the real-time programming environment from Cycling ‘74 and Ableton. Vlad developed and commercially released the Daevl.Plugs, a popular suite of Pluggo plug-ins he’s currently porting to Max For Live. Most of his workflow is on the move into this new world: a slew of custom Monome and Manta applications and many Max tools for algorithmic and chaotic composition. Vlad’s been waiting to press the edit button for a long, long time.

Adam Murray
A Processing Object for Max
Adam Murray is a musician and programmer who created the fantastic ajm.objects, a collection of Max/MSP externals and abstractions including ajm.ruby, a Ruby programming environment right in Max. Adam’s now finishing work on another bridge object for Cycling ‘74 that will merge two worlds, neither of which will ever be the same again. Processing, meet Max. Max, meet Processing. Adam will give us a sneak peak at the upcoming Processing object for Max, which provides tighter integration between Processing, Max/MSP/Jitter and yes, Max For Live.

Elise Baldwin
Using Max in Performance, Design and Installation
Elise Baldwin’s work revolves around themes of collective memory, as well as intersections between the natural world and the technological. She has performed recently at the New York Electronic Arts Festival, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Edgetone Music Festival, E.S.P. Media Lounge, and the National Queer Arts Festival. She’ll be discussing her use of Max in performance, sound design and installations, focusing on her 4 December work with Kadet Kuhne at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Holding Patterns & Collective Memories.

We’ll have cookies shaped like decorated trees and many varieties of snow-white milk to go with.

Join us for 02009’s final night of modern sound and vision! Sign up on the Facebook event or RSVP to connect@overlap.org

About the Salon:
The Overlap Salon is a regular meetup devoted to sharing code, ideas and projects built with the media toolkit Max/MSP/Jitter from Cycling ‘74 and Ableton’s electronic music performance application, Live. Our salons are a mix of performances, presentations and ad-hoc discussion, dependent upon the ideas and issues brought to the table. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.

For further information, or if you would like to join the storied ranks of Salon presenters, please connect@overlap.org

(via Overlap.org and Vlad Spears)