Kronos Quartet’s David Harrington at ATC

At the ever interesting Art and Technology Colloquium at UC Berkeley’s Center for New Media on Monday the founder and artistic director of the Kronos Quartet, David Harrington will be in in a conversation with CNMAT‘s own David Wessel.

ATC Lecture: Sonic Immersion – An Experiment of Eclectic and Unusual Sounds and Musics, David Harrington
When Mon Dec 7 7:30pm – Mon Dec 7 9pm
125 Morrison Hall, UC Berkeley

Through more than three decades of work with the Kronos Quartet, David Harrington has had a major impact on contemporary music. He has imported a wide array of musical and sonic influences into the string quartet repertoire of Western classical music. Kronos commissions works from composers who re-envision what a string quartet is able to do, develops concert experiences that expand the definition of what a string quartet performance can be, and assembles recording projects that challenge established ideas of how a string quartet can sound. For the ATC series, Harrington will play a diverse selection of recordings drawn from his extensive recording collection amassed over three decades, followed by a discussion with Professor David Wessel of the Center for New Music and Technoloy. In previous presentations Harrington’s selections have ranged from the sounds of Weddell seals in Antarctica to a Tuareg band from Timbuktu.

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