Alvin Curran; “In Memory of Maryanne Amacher”

In the New York Times today, friend and mentor Alvin Curran wrote a reflection on sonic hurricane Maryanne Amacher that much worth the read. Maryanne is a great inspiration to a great many electronic musicians, and to all of us at Recombinant Media Labs.

Pulsing sounds emerged from what seemed like every direction, began to circle my head, I thought I was hallucinating swarms of biological air, Maryanne was standing there looking at me with a knowing smile on her face. I said, “But how do you get the sound to circle my head, to move in back of me as well as in front of me?” She said, coyly, something like, “Well, I really don’t know but I am working on it.” Then we both broke up as if we were stoned.

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