Tonight: MediaARTS 2010: Algo-rhythms of heart / break / beats

Come see Gray Area‘s own Stephanie Sherriff as well as Aaron Koblin, longtime RML friend Scott Pagano, and many others perform tonight at the 9th St Independent Film Center.

MediaARTS 2010: “Algo-rhythms of heart / break / beats.” An exhibition of the intersection of emerging technology, performance, and the moving image attempting to compute what it means to love and to lose.

Curated by Tanya Vlach.

Interactive Installations in front lobby of Ninth St starting @ 7pm Suryummy (Emmett Feldman). Ocul8r (John Morgan Steinberg, Jonathan Ben Ari), Aaron Koblin Featuring performances & screenings starting @ 8pm David Molina of Ghosts and Strings (live music). w/ visuals by Anna Geyer, Scott Pagano. Stephanie Sherriff. J9 fembot (Janine Trinidad), Kcinsu (Matthew Usnick), EyeTanya Ninth Street Independent Film Center has launched a new series MediaARTS, inviting artists from other disciplines to present their work in relationship to the medium of film or video. Friday, February 12th 7pm artist’s reception, 8pm performances TICKETS $10 – 20 sliding scale. (All proceeds go to artists!) 145 Ninth Street (@ Mission)