at Blog World Expo

This last weekend I pitched in at the booth at the Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. I joined Community Director Jon Phillips, Bay Area Guardian writer and silkscreener Spencer Young, and raconteur Kevin Wingate to man the booth at the world’s largest social media conference. Unsatisfied as usual with the uninspired drudgery of conference floor shows we decided to undertake a project highlighting both our philosophy about cultural appropriations and the ability of to coexist with any platform you wish.

Thinking that we could ignite the existing community and attract new members by amplifying the experience with relevant and engaging content (or rather, how can we keep from being bored out of our minds at a blog expo) we leveraged some synergies with our fellow netizen’s marketing materials. Bringing an entire silkscreen setup we remixed the existing free giveaways, t-shirts, bags, cups, beach balls, with the logo in an all day ink explosion. We made a lot of new friends in the process including the fine employees of Blogsvertise, Lucy Evolved, and KiKi L’Italien from whom I shamelessly stole these pictures and documentation. Check out her video interview with Jon.

We also had some silkscreens for the new Sharism logos, that will be new for the Sharism Forum at Get It Louder 2010 in Shanghai this Friday. More on Sharism and the new economies of social giving later.

The whole day turned into an extremely interesting study in what these expos mean, and how worth while a standard trade show strategy turns out to be. Most of the things that get handed out in these events just get thrown away, but by a little bit of personalization human connections can be made from an experience of creation. That, I believe, is what offers that other microblog services squander away under a model of rotting proprietary adverts.

To end the night Spencer and I laid down the world’s greatest karaoke cover of Don’t Stop Believing. I won’t lie, it may have been the greatest moment of my life.