Naut Humon Tells RML Cinechamber History

And then the cops came in and said, “Why are you building a forest in here?” – Naut Humon

In this rare footage, Recombinant Media Labs artistic director Naut Humon tells a little bit of his story of how the Cinechamber idea developed over years of audience abduction events and surround sound experiments. Video recorded in Berlin at rehearsals for the RML Cinechamber at Club Transmediale 2011.

All we cared about was back then all these hippies were into the Zodiac. So we said, “Zodiac, ok, we’ll do that.” So we divided up the audience organized by their Zodiac signs. You went on a bus with all of your same sign on the same bus. So then the bus would rotate around the county. Thats how we divided up the audience. But, because made them fill out all this personal information on cards “Who are you?”, “Where do you live?”, and “Who is your personal girlfriend or boyfriend?” But, we didn’t care about any of that except what sign they were. And then we knew, “Oh, OK.”