OvalDNA player Iteration 1 Released

I’m pleased to announce the availability of the OvalDNA player, a small sample browser with a unique interface. It is an add on for Oval’s recent, 2-disc concept album OvalDNA.

OvalDNA is a hybrid album conceptually, a mixture of old and new from Markus Popp’s various creative phases. In OvalDNA you’ll find a collection of rare Oval pieces and 12 previously unreleased tracks.

But, the most interesting part of the OvalDNA release is the second disk. 2,000 Oval Sounds from various phases of Popp’s work are included as individual AIFF files. The software and sound files are intended for music producers and are available to all without restrictions. To complement this sample archive I’ve been collaborating with Markus Popp/Oval and graphic designer Frieda Luczak on the OvalDNA player to browse and sequence the sound archive.

The player is built as a MaxMSP patch to allow for rapid prototyping and user feedback along with the development. Once our intended feature set is complete we will open source the patch as well, leaving it for the community to carry forward. New soundpacks for the player will be available with every release, and our intended feature set will allow for the construction of complete tracks.

OvalDNA player represents a, well, playful approach to handling sound files including a few unique takes on the traditional sequencing paradigm. OvalDNA player is part colorful, casual sound browser, part sound-over-time music tool for AIFF and WAV samples (and yes, that also includes user sounds).

The release version ( “iteration 1”) of OvalDNA player comes loaded with a set of 8×8 customized  Oval sounds (“OvalDNA Soundpack 1”). Users can also import their own sounds – or they may start with those 2000+ free (and neatly pre-sorted) OvalAIFF sound files included on the DVD-ROM of the physical, 2-disc retail release of the “OvalDNA” album.

OvalDNA player will be made open source in a future release – once its full feature set will have been specified. Nonetheless, users should feel invited to help shaping this software’s future from day one!

OvalDNA player can be downloaded starting April 30th, 2012 from www.shopkatapult.com using the download code that customers got with their copy of OvalDNA.

See more about OvalDNA player and my work in this excellent article in ArtPractical by Marc Weidenbaum/@disquiet.

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