Cinechamber at Mutek 2012

Today is the official start the RML Cinechamber’s residency at the cinema Excentris for MUTEK festival and International Digital Arts Biennial in Motnreal. With fellow technical director Vance Galloway and artistic director Naut Humon, we have been hard at work for the past week setting up what I think is our best installation ever, presenting works from over 50 international artists in a full 360 degree immersive cinema experience. This showing also includes about 20 new works presented at MUTEK as world premieres.

Artists showing at the Cinechamber include SemiConductor, Skoltz _Kolgen, Jochem Paap & Scott Pagano, Werner Dafeldecker & Lawrence English, Jefre-Cantu Ledesma & Paul Clipson, Francisco Lopez & Cécile Martin, D-Fuse, Robert Henke & Tarik Barri, The Soft Moon & Ron Robinson, Frank Bretschneider, Telcosystems, Vladislav Delay & AGF, Daniel Menche, Cécile Martin & Li Alin, S. Mason, Louis Dufort, Christian Fennesz & Lillevan, Scott Arford, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Xárene Eskandar & Ken Nordine, Andrey Kiritchenko & V4W.ENKO, Fred Szymanski, Oval & Masako Tanaka, Signal, Marsen Jules, Rrose, Biosphere & Egbert Mittelstadt, Edwin van der Heide, Robin Fox, Hyena Hive & Karl Lemieux, and Maryanne Amacher.

Individual tickets for the PANORAMA programs are on sale for $12 (+ taxes & service charges). The CINECHAMBER LIVE modules are on sale for $15 (+ taxes & service charges). And finally, a CINECHAMBER pass giving access to all 5 PANORAMA programs is also available for $30 (+ taxes & service charges).

If you happen to be at MUTEK or in the Montreal area, please come and see us.


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