HOLO Magazine: Investigating the Convergence of Arts, Science, and Technology


Writing about the intersections of arts, science, and technology presents challenges. The speed of information transfers faster than ever before which makes pinning down salient and worthwhile discussions a demanding task. Yet the presentation of innovative ideas meshed with deep and thought provoking prose on this convergence between arts and technology requires dedicated artists, technologists, and writers. The Creative Applications Network developed a print publication, HOLO Magazine, to address and contribute to the greater discussion and changing landscape of new media arts. The publication takes an in depth look at contemporary art and technology practices and their relevance in further understanding the impact of technological advancements on society and culture. Within an incredible group of artists, designers, and technologists featured in the inaugural issue such as Zimoun, Jer Thorp, Chris O’Shea, and Raquel Meyers, it is already proving its popularity with a fully funded Kickstarter campaign way before the funding deadline. The very fact HOLO has garnered immense support speaks volumes to the need for this particular type of publication.

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts is proud to serve as the nonprofit fiscal sponsor organization for the project, and a partner in the campaign! Consider donating to the project and receiving some phenomenal backer perks (i.e., subscription to the magazine, original artwork, etc.). Click here to learn more.