Obscura’s ‘Emergence’ Illuminates Exploratorium Opening on April 17th

This video is the first behind the scenes look at Obscura’s new architectural projection show of physical phenomena, Emergence, to be shown April 17th and 18th on the front of the new Exploratorium building at Pier 15.

The special mission of the Exploratorium as a “hands-on museum of science, art, and human perception” made us take a unique approach to this job by capturing the wonder of natural interactions and creatively displaying it as only possible through digital technologies.

Countless hours of media production time have gone into creating a singular experience of natural wonders through architecture. To create the content Obscura fabricated replicas of the Pier ranging in size from large terrariums to microscope slides. This process allowed us to capture physical processes of order arising inside chaos, and to view the world through a unique lens in a way never before seen.

As a bonus for those in line we are creating a special interactive projection with extremely sensitive thermal imaging cameras from FLIR. Able to detect variations in temperature with a sensitivity of <0.03°C, these cameras will be capturing the audience, processed and projected to cover the West wall of the building.

I encourage you to come out and see the show on April 17th and 18th, from nightfall until 11pm.

At nightfall on April 17th and 18th, Obscura Digital transforms the historic Pier 15 into a luminous portal revealing unseen dimensions of complex micro and macro phenomena. ‘Emergence’ takes visitors on a dynamic journey through a vivid array of non-computer generated, real-life visualizations that evoke a sense wonder and awe about the nature of order in our universe. To capture these marvels of nature, Obscura designed and fabricated ten miniature replicas of the Exploratorium’s façade, some microscopic, to contain unique experiments involving fluid dynamics, microorganisms, particle interactions, living systems, crystallization, and growth in time lapse. Documented in ultra high definition video, these compelling natural subjects are projection mapped back on the surface of the building, creating the illusion of being contained within its structure.

In addition to the ‘Emergence’ exhibit, Obscura presents an interactive thermal imaging wall (in cooperation with Flir), located on the side of the Exploratorium building, where visitors can see their heat signature projected in real-time, at large-scale, with brilliant color.