Max/MSP + Jitter

Max Raw Filter Pack - A collection of raw filters, ported from pd, that provide components for the construction of more complex filters.
Provided under a BSD license.
[.zip File]

slitscan - Patches to do slit-scanning for CPU and GPU in Jitter
[.zip File]

clipboard - A Max/MSP External that outputs text from the OS X clipboard.
[.zip File]

sms - A Max/MSP External that receives input from the Sudden Motion Sensor on Apple Portables.
[.zip File]

tcpconnect - A Max Java External that creates a continuous connection to a TCP server.
[.zip File] Firefox Extension - Install this extension to search directly from the Firefox toolbar.
[Firefox Search Extension]


Random Number Distributions - A SuperCollider class that implements several standard pseudo-random number generators. Currently available are Gaussian, LaPlacian, Poisson, Gamma, Chisquare, Cauchy, and Weibull.
[.sc File]


Midi2Freq IconMidi2Freq - A small OS X app that converts midi note numbers to frequency values.
[.DMG : Source Code]

OscGroups IconOscGroupsX - A OS X client and server package for sending and receiving Open Sound Control messages over a network. Messaging groups are created whose members communicate via OSC. Based on the original OscGroups by Ross Bencina.
[.DMG : Source Code]


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